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wrightway2MT Multi-Purpose Tipper (" more 2 man lifts")
Multi Purpose Cradle empties the contents of a wheelbarrow and can be modified to lift and tip standard wheelie bins (Patent Pending

1 w2mt-wheelbarrow-tipper  2:w2mt-wheelbarrow-tipper-03-140  3:Safe to empty contents of wheelbarrow into cradle  4: w2mt-wheelbarrow-tipper-02-140  5:w2mt-wheelbarrow-tipper-01-140 

1 - wrightway2MT Multi-Purpose Tipper (... right way to empty wheelbarrows & bins...) 2, 3 - Empty contents from wheelbarrow into cradle for lift and tip 4 - Convert cradle 5 - Empty standard Wheele Bin


... a fully hydraulic lifter that sets up at the side of the skip bin and is able to lift up to 240 kgs at anyone time, fully screened for falling objects with no exposure to moving parts ...


Risk of manual handling injuries minimised ie "...back strains, side strains, muscular, hand & finger or any injuries that may occur due to manually handling bins, wheelbarrows or any other bulky materiais associated with waste disposai on a commercial construction site, into large skip bins"


Fully trialled in-situ and improved according to operators suggestions, the wrightway2MT Wheelbarrow Tipper is providing industry, in particular the Construction Industry, with the ability to have one person safely and effectively empty the contents of a wheelbarrow into a skip WITHOUT HAVING TO LIFT THE WHEELBARROW or enter open sided skips.

    • Solid, well built.
    • Full screening containment to catch falling objects.
    • Higly visual when near trafficable areas; reflective black + yellow tiger tape.
    • All moving parts fully screened.
    • Minimized possibility of back injury: no lifting.
    • Muscular & spinal injuries, finger & hand injuries.
    • Debris falling onto worker & into workers.
    • Fingers & clothing being caught in moving parts.
    • Foot & leg crush injuries from falling bins & wheel barrows.

"Using the conventional lifter takes a lot of time & it was unreliable, when it breaks down I needed 2 labourers to lift wheelbarrows & wheelie bins into the skip bins so they don't hurt their backs or crush their legs or fingers, it has certainly helped lift productivity & also let me get the best out of my site labour." 
Roger Clark, Site Manager


" I have been a builders Labourer for 20 years and in that time have done a lot of heavy lifting, it is the nature of construction that produces so much waste materials and at the end of the day, it has to go into a bin, just like the invention of rubbish chutes, I reckon that this hydraulic bin lifter is the best thing to happen in construction for a long time, since I have been using it on site here at Cockram, I no longer wake up every morning with a sore back because I don't have to lift wheelbarrows or wheelie bins to get them emptied, even the boss is happier as we are loading out more rubbish with less man power so no more 2 man lifts!"
John Rofleston, Site Labourer


2015 download brochure BROCHURE




During a 2013 summit on OH&S our management team presented specific waste handling equipment designed and manufactured by us to prevent employee downtime and workers compensation costs to senior representative’s from a cross section of industries.

During a networking event one of our management team was asked by a large construction company Health and Safety Manager: What product are you presenting? When we explained we are presenting Bin Tippers for the emptying of wheelie bins into skips the response immediately was: You don’t have one that empties wheelbarrows do you?

This was a question we had been casually asked many times over the years, but now was the time and this was the place to learn more. It was explained to us that manual handling injuries was their company’s current targeted area to reduce injury claims.

We learned that most building sites still use wheel-barrows to convey rubbish to empty into larger skips, a practice which continually resulted in strain claims from the manual handling task involved. In most instances the emptying of the wheelbarrows was done by staff calling on others to help them lift, twist and empty the wheelbarrow over the side of the skip.

We were advised that if we could invent a single Bin Tipper which could empty both a wheel-barrow AND a wheelie-bin then we would have something the entire construction industry would have high interest in.

That was the catalyst for the beginning of our R&D to what is now a real solution to the problem. We designed, developed and manufactured a prototype Bin Tipper we thought would meet all the requirements of emptying both wheelbarrow contents and wheelie bin contents.


We negotiated an offer to place our prototype wheel-barrow/wheelie-bin tipper onto a large construction site for use over the next six weeks and to use it as hard and often as possible in return for feedback. At the end of that trial we were provided with extensive feedback from the company involved, operators who used the machine daily, the site foreman and the manager of the company’s OH&S unit.


From this feedback we refined our prototype and incorporated suggested aspects of improvement into our final design which is being launched and presented to the market in full at the HRIA Convention HIRE 14 Trade Show.

After the trial the company involved was so taken by our NEW wrightway2MT Multi® Bin Tipper it was without hesitation that we were given the following Testimonial:


The design of the wrightway2MT® MULTI-PURPOSE TIPPER allows the contents of a wheelbarrow to be emptied directly into a specifically constructed cradle-container at ground level. The contents are then lifted and tipped into an industrial skip in the standard manner.

The operator only ever has to tip and empty the wheel-barrow in the usual manner without lifting.

Being truly innovative in creating solutions, Wrightway Products took the design one step further and found a way by which the wrightway2MT® MULTI-PURPOSE TIPPER cradle-container also easily converts to take a standard wheelie-bin for emptying.

Simply by removing drop-pins, the front panel is able to be removed and turned on its side before being re-secured to the inside side-panel of the container thereby transforming the Bump Stop into a wheel catch to hold the wheelie-bin in place after being wheeled onto the cradle floor for standard emptying.

Construction companies who are using the wrightway2MT® MULTI-PURPOSE TIPPER are reporting back to us that the machine is 100% successful and that the operators (and their backs) are extremely grateful for our innovation. Industrial skips are able to be filled to capacity before emptying which is saving money and resources with less trips to dump waste.

Please contact us for further details on the Wheel Barrow Tipper.


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