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wrightway2MT Bin Tipper

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... the materials handling solution which meets Australian Standards

Safe bin tipper for efficient lift and empty wheelie bins


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The wrightway2MT® has successfully addressed the common problem of accessible dangerous pinch points previously associated with all bin tippers, by ensuring moving parts have been guarded and access areas have been made safe.


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The bin is wheeled into the bin tipper through the door (which opens to 170 degrees), the door must then be closed before the hydraulically driven double-roller transfer action lifts and tips the Cradle from the base. The weight is spread evenly between two tracks which transfer vertical motion to safely tip and empty the container held by the Cradle. The cradle is not powered down and the  Integrated Interlock safety system ensures the door cannot be opened until the cradle is returned to ground level. Category 3 optional.

Independent, external Brake Levers are conveniently located on either side of the door and are operated independently of the direction the castors are facing after re-location. The sturdy Handle Bar across the front of the bin lifter provides balance whilst the operator applies the brakes, and facilitates safe movement of the bin tipping machine within confined areas. The wrightway2MT®  can also be safely re-located over distance by use of the dedicated fork lift pockets.

The Australian designed, owned and manufactured wrightway2MT®  is the ‘right way to empty’ and ticks all the following criteria for a safe, efficient and economical bin tipping machine.


The robust design and manufacture of the wrightway2MT®  hydraulic vertical lift bin lifter / bin tipper is ‘basic industrial’ for use (and abuse) on back docks, construction sites and diverse production and waste areas of factories and commercial premises, yet it remains an impressive and stylish materials-handling asset. High quality reflective tape ensures the machine is visible at night.


The wrightway2MT®  has been designed and manufactured in Australia in direct response to specific requests from industries where employee safety, equipment reliability and cost effectiveness are paramount.

The wrightway2MT®  is the only bin tipper with advanced safety features as standard inclusions and has been independently certified to meet and/or exceed Australian Standards.

In particular, creative design has ...

    • ELIMINATED: Accessible dangerous pinch points common to all other bin-tippers:

... moving parts of the wrightway2MT®  are fully guarded; access areas have been made safe. At no stage during operation does the cradle make contact with the frame (pinch points). Solid guarding at the base of the bin tipping machine protects feet during relocation.

    • ELIMINATED: The need to manipulate castors by hand to access the brake pedal:

...  foot operated brake levers on the wrightway2MT® have been specifically desinged for ease of use. Levers are attached to the external frame and are easily accessed to press up or down whilst the operator can remain balanced by holding onto the full width push bar.

    • ELIMINATED:  Operator exposure to debris from the bin as it empties:

... the wrightway2MT® control panel is above the door at the furthest point from the skip. The operator is protected from debris by the polycarbonate or mesh panel above the limited access door.


The wrightway2MT® bin lifter has numerous innovative safety features not found in other bin-tippers:

    1. Easy to access foot operated brake levers: on/off operation is independent of castor orientation.

    2. Full guarding, including solid foot-guarding around castors.

    3. Emergency Stop Key Switch.
    4. Sturdy full-width handle bar which facilitates:

      • balance whilst applying brakes,

      • safe relocation within confined areas.

    1. In-built fork lift pockets: safe relocation over distance by fork lift.

    2. Door opens beyond 120 degress to facilitate non-restricted loading onto the cradle.

    3. Restricted door height: operator is prevented from entering the enclosure.

    4. Integrated interlock safety system. Door cannot be opened (Cat. 3 optional):

      • During operation

      • Until cradle at ground level: the electronic sensors must be aligned.

      • If Emergency Stop Button is depressed. Can only be re-activated by the key.

    1. Maintenance safety features:
      • Manual door-open over-ride lever within the cradle enclosure;

      • Complimentary on-going consultation re maintenance/repairs

      • 12 month Warranty period for machine + battery

      • Immediate service, technical advice and provision of spare parts.

    1. Additional control box inclusions and considerations:

      • electronic door-open over-ride,

      • detailed coloured wiring diagram,

      • considered layout of components to ensure maximum accessibility,

      • waterproof seal not damaged with open and close (no silicone seal),

      • special key located away from machine limits control box entry to authorised  technicians only.

    1. Unique hydraulically driven patented double-roller tipping action.


Historically, bins were emptied into skips manually, usually by a young person lifting bins above shoulders to empty into industrial skips. WHS laws require two persons to lift and empty each bin when the bin is emptied manually into skips or when tipping off the back dock.

The wrightway2MT®  facilitates:

    1. WHS compliant mechanical lift and empty of bins into skips by one only operator.

    2. No risk of operator injury due to unguarded and accessible pinch points (these common danger points are not fully addressed by any other bin tipper manufacturer).

    3. A manual handling solution readily accepted by staff due to its ease of use and reliability, resulting in:

      • Reduction of accidents on site;

      • Reduction in operating costs;

      • WHS compliance through safe work practices utilising a machine certified to meet Australian Standards.


Anecdotal reports from operators and WHS officers presently using the wrightway2MT®  bin tipper indicate that reliability and robustness of design, as well as the quality of the manufacturing, has resulted in NIL resistance by staff: total staff acceptance and use.  


On-site training and a comprehensive Operating Manual are provided with every installation. The wrightway2MT®  bin lifter / bin tipper is transported fully assembled: keys are not provided until training has been completed.


Self-insuring companies rationalise that one back-claim would pay for at least 10 bin-tippers.

Investment in a wrightway2MT® bin lifter / bin tipper is deemed to:

    1. Minimise possibility of employee life-long disability;

    2. Minimise work-cover, legal and insurance costs associated with injury claims;

    3. Increase productivity (staff acceptance, one person operation);

    4. Reduce down time caused by accidents.


Wrightway Products has been providing Australian industries with an imported bin tipper for over 10 years.  Major companies have declined the imported model due to WHS concerns, all of which have been addressed in the design and independent certification of the wrightway2MT® bin tipper / bin lifter. WHS concerns from the mining and construction industries have also been addressed: the wrightway2MT® bin lifter / bin tipper has been enthusiastically received since it was introduced to Australian industry in 2010.

Positive comments from users relate overwhelmingly to ease of usability compared to other bin-tippers previously used, specifically:

    1. Location and design of braking mechanisms;

    2. Ease of relocation;

    3. Clear, safe visibility;

    4. Location of control panel and SOP away from skip;

    5. Wide-opening door;

    6. Control-box innovations:

      • clear diagrammatic instructions,

      • considered layout of components within Control Box: unhindered access by technicians.


wrightway2MT®  vertical lift hydraulic bin tippers / bin lifters utilise a gel-cell battery which emits no fumes during re-charging. The cradle is lowered by gravity: battery charge/life extended, greenhouse gases minimised. Wrightway Products have designed the wrightway2MT® bin lifter / bin tipper with the expectation of a minimum 10 year life.

Staff are easily trained in the safe use and maintenance of the wrightway2MT®  bin lifter / bin tipper: staff acceptance of any manual handling aid is essential when introducing new WHS procedures the workplace, and to reduce or eliminate abuse or neglect of the company asset. 


The wrightway2MT®  bin lifter / bin tipper is available direct from the manufacturer through an established Australia-wide distributor network.  Spare parts and service advice are available from the manufacturer.

Wrightway Products has extensive experience and specialises in supplying bin lifters / bin tippers to industry. We have responded to on-going enquiries and requests for efficient, robust, well designed, certified bin tippers / bin lifters to match the growing WHS demands for safe ways to lift and tip bins and other containers for the disposal of waste or the movement of product.

ISO 9001:2008 is presently being undertaken.


Our Production Team includes innovative designers and fabricators who are able to assist in addressing issues realted to the lift and empty of bins which cannot be immediately met by our standard range of bin tippers.  

Our standard machines lift up to 200 kgs: this can be increased/decreased as required.

Our standard INDUSTRIAL machines can lift any weight up to 425 kgs.

All machines can be fabricated to lift at heights different to the standard lifting heights, and the dimensions of the machines can be adapted to suit specific demands such as being able to be attached to existing equipment (eg a compactor).

We are able to find effective, efficient and economical solutions to problems associated with customisation of the bin tipper and we pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with a finished product that does exactly what it was required to do and in the manner in which it was required to operate.

For more information please complete the details of your requirements on our On-Line Enquiry Form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your particular needs.

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